Matthew McConaughey congratulates Eagles QB, Austinite Nick Foles


That, in and of itself, doesn't sound too bad, but Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro, and now Super Bowl winning, tackle Lane Johnson is looking a little bit deeper.

The afterglow of the Philadelphia Eagles' upset victory in Super Bowl LII continues to be felt in Texas, where game MVP Nick Foles grew up.

Not only did he win the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP and go to Disneyland, but it appeared - for a few hours at least - that Foles added another title to his resume - National Football League owner.

Foles - who spent most of the year as the backup until starter Carson Wentz went down for the season with an injury in Week 14 - went 28-for-43 with 373 yards passing and a trio of touchdowns in the air on Sunday.

Take a look.I just think that The Patriot Way is a fear-based organization. Do I think people enjoy and can say, "I had a lot fun fun playing there"? That's just the God honest truth.

The 48-year-old took out a full page ad in the Austin American-Statesman to acknowledge Nick for his achievement.

The Patriot way has been for the most what the standout offensive line discussed it as - one way of communicating with the media, no-answer answers and for the most part acting professional.

"They're successful, but when they go to interviews, they act like f-- robots. Hey, stop being a d--head", Johnson said. You only get to do this job one time, so let's have fun while we're doing it.

"If I'm the Eagles, I'm not moving Foles - at least not right now", the GM said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

"It's always been called "The Patriots" Way".