Moon Was Wise to Respond Cautiously to N.Korean Invite


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in for talks in Pyongyang, setting the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than 10 years.

Moon responded in a noncommittal way, saying that he wanted to "create the environment for that to be able to happen". He had an opening to clarify to Kim what the United States wants, what it expects, and what would occur if he was stupid enough to attack the US or its allies in Northeast Asia.

"We want to see President Moon become a protagonist in opening a new chapter for reunification and leave great footprints in history", she said. The two Koreas had combined teams and played simply as "Korea", wearing uniforms emblazoned with blue-and-white flags showing an undivided peninsula.

North Korea also practices an extreme form of discipline called "three generations of punishment".

Pence, who was in South Korea for the Olympics, has said the United States and South Korea were closely aligned in their approach to dealing with North Korea.

Moon has always expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea.

But he said it would be hard for Moon to keep up the momentum after conservatives at home and allies overseas remind him of what is at stake in the North Korean nuclear threat. "The pressure will continue on them, economically and diplomatically, until that's accomplished", he said.

But on arrival North Korean officials said they needed more fuel to go back.

A visit by Moon to the North would enable the first summit between leaders from the two Koreas since 2007, and would mark only the third inter-Korean summit to take place.

Vice President Pence just in front of North Korea's Kim Jong Yo.

Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of the North's leader Kim Jong-un, delivered her brother's letter to President Moon Jae-in, which includes an invitation to Pyongyang at an early date.

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Pyongyang launched perhaps its most audacious assassination attempt in Myanmar in 1983, when a bomb exploded in a Yangon mausoleum during a visit by South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said emphatically at a Friday meeting with Moon, "Dialogue for the sake of dialogue is meaningless", but the South Korean president did not hide his willingness for dialogue.

They won't be the only cheer squad at the Olympics. will represent the United States in Pyeongchang, performing at the closing ceremony and in a competition with other countries.

Kim Yo Jong was always close to her father, and after returning from Switzerland, she was appointed to positions of responsibility in the government, according to Michael Madden, who runs the blog North Korea Leadership Watch.

Jarrod Agen, the vice president's spokesman, on Saturday tweeted a recap of Pence's visit so far.

Using the old "sorry, running late" dodge, Mr. Pence manages to avoid a reception with dignitaries from both Koreas and instead dines with U.S. Olympians. The presence of Fred Warmbier, whose son was brutalized by the North Korean regime, was largely overlooked, and the same was true for Pence's meeting with North Korean defectors, people who risked everything to escape to freedom.

The diplomatic honor bestowed upon North Korea was rare: Moon met Kim Yo Jong, the first time a member of the Kim dynasty has ever visited the country, four times during the visit. In response, the Kim regime may resume testing its nuclear and missile programs, as it has done after past Olympic detentes.

Previous rounds of denuclearization talks, even when they ended in a deal, have soon collapsed when the Kim regime has breached the terms.

But analysts say it may be more hard for the South to arrange a summit with the North coming off a year in which Pyongyang test-fired dozens of missiles, including three ICBMs, and conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date.

In that regard, Kim Jong Un has scored a victory this week.

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