Snapchat's Snap Map Is Now Viewable By Anyone On The Web


The app has made some big changes to how people view content from friends and media companies.

In India, Snapchat's redesign is available only for iOS users. If you force quit the app then you're going to be thrown back to the redesigned version the next time you launch it, and Snapchat is working on a fix, so if you don't revert back before they do then you'll have no other choice but to suffer through the redesign (part of the reason behind turning off auto updates). The new changes haven't arrived for Android users as yet.

There's also a good chance you'll lose your Memories when uninstalling Snapchat, so Snapchat tweeted out a series of moves you'll need to make to make that happen. Previously, if you swiped right you would see the "Stories" section.

But it also lets you see where your Snapchat friends are hanging out, highlighting their locations on the map with a small avatar.

The new redesign merges the friend messages with their stories. You can tap on your friends' profile icons to view their Snap Stories. Snapchat now shows localised Snap Stories from creators and the community.

For many tweens and teens, the Snapchat overhaul is the first time they've ever seen a piece of software they regularly use undergo a significant change.

Snapchat says that the Discover section will become "uniquely personalized for you".

It sounds like an insane way to get back to the last version of the app, but it actually works. Once you do, log in and you'll be back to rocking the previous version.

The question is, are they ticked off enough to stop using Snapchat in large numbers?

A step by step process has been listed on Twitter (via Mashable) which brings the old design back.