South African ruling party leaders to meet amid Zuma limbo


The main opposition called it an "abuse" of the prosecutor's role. "Because our people want this matter to be finalized, the national executive committee will be doing precisely that". It is not a very cheerful Twitter stream these days. The future of the embattled president has been in doubt for some time.

If President Jacob Zuma wants extra protection or amnesty‚ he can find it in a maximum security prison. "As we remember this great leader, this year gives us an opportunity as we remember Mandela, to reaffirm our vision of a non-racial society, to build an SA for all our people", said Ramaphosa.

It is understood that a key sticking point in the negotiations is the potentially ruinous legal fees Zuma is facing from prolonged court battles against multiple criminal cases.

"Parliament must have an urgent sitting next week", Maimane tweeted Thursday. Instead, he kept South Africa in the holding pattern of the past week, telling them to wait another day and promising it would all come to a close in the next 24 hours. Let's move with urgency.

"We can not condone or allow Zuma to escape accountability for breaking his oath of office and putting his friends and family above the best interests of the people of South Africa", said James Selfe, the party's federal council chairperson. He denies all the corruption allegations against him.

"We have no other choice but to continue fighting corruption" Ramaphosa said.

Criticizing ZumaRamaphosa, one of the richest black South Africans, has had a hard relationship with Zuma since he left his business career and returned to full-time politics five years ago, and became deputy president in 2014.

According to Dr Groenewald, the drawn-out negotiations over whether or not President Zuma must step down as president of the country is now damaging the economy more than removing Zuma as such. Officials are saying the address was postponed, rather than canceled outright, and promising to reschedule it soon.

"My darling husband did not join the ANC in 1991, jumped ship nor hip-hopped between the struggle and wealth accumulation", she said. "I think that is probably the situation".

Ramaphosa said at a party rally in Cape Town on Sunday he wanted to replace "a period of difficulty, disunity and discord" with "a new beginning" for the party. "We have further noted that certain individuals alleged to be ANC members, clad in ANC regalia, took part in an unmandated press briefing by the individuals in question earlier today".

Last week, the Nelson Mandela Foundation released a statement calling for the immediate resignation of Zuma.

The SARB expects the commemorative banknotes and coins to be introduced into circulation from 18 July, what would have been Mandela's 100th birthday. The opposition is still complaining from the sidelines while the serious drama occurs between factions of the ANC.

The party's Top Six met on Saturday, reportedly without Zuma.