Super Bowl reaction, future of the Pats


Tom Brady posted a lengthy message to his Instagram account on Friday that likely had New England Patriots fans holding their breath the whole way through. At that point, Philadelphia will have a much better idea of where Wentz's health is. Fresh off a historic Super Bowl victory, Philadelphia heads into the offseason with not one, but two starting-caliber quarterbacks. "We are, after all, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection".

Fans lined the streets and climbed trees to celebrate during the massive parade. It was clear to anyone watching how long Philly had waited for this.

"The Super Bowl was maybe the greatest experience of my life", Klein said.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl victory set off a celebration that has been 58 years in the making.

The first weekend of February is fast approaching, and so is the annual National Football League Championship game known as the Super Bowl. Add that to a city that had already won multiple NHL, MLB and National Basketball Association championships, and Philadelphia developed a sports culture frustrated with desire. They'll have access to marketing and endorsement opportunities great than ever before.

A 16×20 signed photo of Foles holding the Super Bowl trophy is being sold for $350. I personally would trade him, as Carson Wentz is a proven superstar. As a result, Nick Foles didn't show any fear either. Not only did his team make history, Foles himself made history by becoming the first player to throw and catch a touchdown in the same game in Super Bowl history.

Enjoy the win Eagles, you've earned it.

So, as we put away our blue jerseys adorned with numbers 12 and 87 for the year, let us remember the thrills the Patriots have brought us over the last two decades and appreciate the virtues of hard work and high expectations. In a play that has since been dubbed "The Philly Special", Foles became the only player ever to pass for and receive a touchdown in the Super Bowl. During the American Football Conference game, the Patriots were accused of using lighter pressurized footballs compared to their opponent's, the Indianapolis Colts.

But Foles wasn't the only one who was pleased. The longtime Eagles fan and Boston resident joked he couldn't be within 100 miles of his home, instead deciding to watch the game with his old University of Pennsylvania roommate.

There's no evidence that the Patriots were spying on the Eagles, but many conspiratorial-minded Philadelphians were convinced that was the case after the teams ran extremely similar trick plays. They're going to know what you've done, so you need to know what you've done even better - and to come up with something that the Patriots have never seen.