Tip Drops Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Track "Want U 2 Want"


The film itself hits theatres on February 16. Now, the critically adored film has fulfilled that early promise with Black Panther: The Album (***1/2 out of four), out Friday, which Lamar curated and contributed to. So, when the video was released, she was surprised to see her gold patterned style closely duplicated in a 19-second scene.

Viktor and her lawyer claim that the video copied the style of her Constellations series. "I wanna see you fall through, quick, fast, without having to call you/Quick fast I know just what they all do", K. Dot raps.

Viktor rejected DDA's demand that she "enter into an exclusive license for the proposed artworks, thereby forgoing all artistic control", the letter says, in part because her Constellations series was in the works for the Armory Show in March, "a solo exhibition in a major art fair that would be a milestone in her career".

Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Tiffith, and Disney declined to comment to The New York Times request for comment. Viktor added: "We walked away".

After Lamar's music was featured in some of the trailers for Black Panther, fans assumed that he'd create a song or two for the soundtrack.

Tribal rhythms, tropical house and throbbing R&B pulse throughout the 14-song, 50-minute album, which boasts reliable guest spots from Lamar's TDE labelmates SZA (on nondescript yet catchy lead single All the Stars) and Schoolboy Q (the hard-hitting X with 2 Chainz). "Cultural appropriation is something that continually happens to African-American artists", she said, "and I want to make a stand".