A song of unrequited love for Valentine's Day


If you're one them, then this 7 facts by INFORMATION NIGERIA is for you. Celebrating love doesn't happen a lot, especially in a modern world more focused on current events and business and so often characterized by hate. For those of you who haven't watched it, take note of what Noah (Ryan Gosling) does when he writes Allie (Rachel McAdams) 365 letters for a year.

In general, go to work, forget it's Valentine's Day, and go home and celebrate with the person you love.

The worst Valentine's Day tech gift, according to CNET, is any fitness device. While most Americans will shower their loved-ones with candy this year, spending a total of $1.8 billion, NRF states most USA consumers will spend their money on jewelry for their loved ones - $4.7 million to be exact.

And people are all set to celebrate the occasion with special programmes with the ones they love and care for, because love is the thing that makes the world lovely, be it the love for the partner, for the family, for the country or for the planet. Apart from their tasty heart-shaped chocolate selection served in heart-shaped boxes; their awesome cakes and delicious hazelnut chocolate spreads can also be great gifts for anyone.

Only a few more days to get a little something for your Valentine. You don't have to restrict yourself from watching romantic movies, go for it if you like it. Invite your girl friends over and go insane.

Leo (Channing Tatum) is one of the main characters. While you know this isn't true and that the people you walk past on the street holding hands don't know you exist, it still feels like a personal attack. It's a cute way of saying "I'm into you!"

This "love notebook" is effective, Heinold says, because it speaks to her love language - a theory on how different personalities crave certain types of affection from their significant other. There are various symbols and representations of you and that person's relationship. This will be the first year in decades that I will not pick up the phone to call her to wish her a happy birthday.

To all my single ladies (and men), this is the ideal comfort movie for you.

For single people, it can be especially hard emotionally. Each guest must also invite a single friend. Yes, this includes the way Robin (Rebel Wilson) lives her single life. Are you sending the message she should clean more? You even learn the small things, including unzipping your own dress like Alice (Dakota Johnson).

One can also go for jewelry. So how can you give this well-intentioned gift without coming across like an inconsiderate jerk? If he or she is the one, the walls will eventually come down. Use today to show the one you love how you feel in a way that is special to you.

Would you respect your partner's ideology on "Valentine" and take it like any other day?