Android Oreo brings improved emoji to Samsung's devices


The leak also revealed that the device will come with Stereo speakers which will be mounted at the top and bottom of the device.

But the phone doesn't feature the in-display fingerprint sensor those rumors kept mentioning. The Korean company was testing in-display fingerprint sensors from a number of sensor suppliers, but it has made a decision to delay the commercialization due to "technical difficulties".

Samsung's upcoming smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, will have some significant upgrades over the Galaxy S8, according to ETNews (via Android Authority).

Rumors surfaced in October last year suggesting that Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to be launched later this year, could be the company's first flagship smartphone to feature an under-display fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be announced on February 25, but more of its features have been leaked online. Now, a report by The Bell states that Samsung has dropped plans to place an in-display fingerprint sensor on the the Galaxy Note 9. Whether Samsung's 3D emoji will be any good remains to be seen, but it'll probably be pretty good since today's report claims it'll be more advanced than Apple's.

Alongside Samsung Experience 9.0, the new update brings together quite a number of improvement and new feature for both devices. That will mimic users facial expressions.

In its quest to develop an under-display fingerprint sensor, Samsung reportedly looked into multiple technologies, including ultrasound, capacitive and optical.

On the other hand, capacitive fingerprint sensors can be relatively transparent as compared to optical sensors, and this ensures higher accuracy of the fingerprint information.

Also in the new leaks were rumours that Samsung will introduce its own version of 3D touch, which allows pressure sensitivity for onscreen buttons. However, it's more expensive to make, and yields are lower than they need to be for a phone as popular as the iPhone.