Chloe Kim dazzles in Halfpipe; USA takes home two more medals


After being told that her grandmother, who had never seen her compete was in attendance, Kim dedicated her final run to her, aiming for a flawless run. She was glum after the second and jubilant following the third run in which the crowd gasped at every trick.

And the Americans - the only team to push all its athletes into the final - are leading the charge, promising to erase any memories of Sochi, when, for the first time since pipe riding became Olympic in 1998, no USA riders climbed a podium. "But I also knew I wouldn't be satisfied taking the gold and knowing that I hadn't put down my best".

There was a lot of pressure, but I'm happy I was able to do it here and do it for the fans and the family.

But some social media users in the country are keenly imagining alternative lives for the unstoppable 17-year-old Californian, asking could she have achieved gold if she'd been born in South Korea? Her parents, Korean immigrants, have sacrificed a ton for Chloe's snowboarding career - and it was clearly all worth it!

The world changed for Kim. She stood on a podium and dabbed a tear from each eye, then received a quick glimpse into a coming whirlwind. "I'm a little overwhelmed". Mr. Kim was in the audience holding a sign that read "Go Chloe" with hearts drawn on it.

But neither looked like threatening Kim, who found time to take to Twitter between runs to complain she was having trouble keeping down her breakfast. "I came here on Instagram with 164,000 [followers] and now I have 300,000 and something, which is insane". "When I get drug-tested, I'll be doing the same thing, because I'll be nervous when I'm getting drug-tested, because there's a stranger watching me go to the bathroom".

Kim continued to climb as she got older. Even to a broad audience with scant snowboarding knowledge, her surpassing ability is obvious.

Congrats to Chloe on her incredible achievement.

Her place in the sport will be pivotal.

Deas, a 29-year-old from Wrexham, claimed her first World Cup win in November 2015 and was fourth at the 2017 World Championships. To this date, not other athlete has won five gold medals at the Winter Olympics.

"It was very simple", she said through a translator, "I forgot about the stone that was behind me".

Kim was joined by USA teammate Arielle Gold on the medal stand.

In the qualifying Monday, Kim was the only rider to surpass 90 points, with 91.50 on her first run and 95.50 on her second.

It takes a village to raise a gold medalist. Less than an hour after her defining run, Kim nodded along as a reporter asked it of her.

"I'm definitely not going back home for real, though", she told the hosts.

"Brands will want to capitalise on her gold". "So I thought 'this one's for Grams!'"