Colts to hire Nick Sirianni as OC


New Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich has outlined his vision for bringing success back to the franchise. Reports also suggest Alan Williams - who previously coached with Reich on the Colts staff and most recently was with the Lions - will be considered to coach defensive backs, and Reich's former Buffalo teammate - Don Beebe - could be considered to coach wide receivers.

After playing quarterback at Maryland, Reich spent 14 years as an National Football League quarterback before moving to coaching in 2006 with the Colts.

"The backup role has suited me well in my career", Reich answered, as the crowd laughed.

You can hear Reich's answer at the 35 second mark in the video below.

Any seasoned Bills fan would tell you that when it comes to backup plans, you can't do better than our old friend, Frank Reich.

"I'm going dark", Reich said.

"I am committed to returning your team to its winning ways". No phone calls, no texts. Whether there was any activity or not, I was dark. Irsay went to you, went to Peyton and said I'm gonna take this out of Ballard's hands. It was embarrassing to be stood up by Josh McDaniels but Frank Reich should give the Colts the last laugh.

That whole, "having integrity" thing could definitely be seen as a small swipe at McDaniels.

In response to a fan who questioned the news, asking the team to show him a picture of Reich with that day's paper, the team obliged with the new coach and team owner Jim Irsay posing with a copy of that day's Indianapolis Star.

For some coaches, that might be an issue, but not for Reich. Things happen in unusual ways. Like [Colts owner Jim] Irsay said, this is a insane business and I could not be more excited than to have those three coaches.

Reich still has to find position coaches on both sides of the ball.

What do I keep thinking about with Reich?

"I was kind of hoping we'd get used to the timing of this, coming off the Super Bowl", he said.

New England will play Indy at home in 2018, although the date is unclear - which means it's also unclear whether Luck will be healthy. It was Reich's job to help groom the prize investment, rookie quarterback Carson Wentz.

"Let me make this clear, I want and we want as an organization a head coach that wants to be all in", Ballard said.

"I embrace it. That's just part of this business". At halftime of the comeback game, while Darryl Talley was firing up the troops, Reich was quietly telling the offensive guys to take it one play at a time.

We will not know for certain until next season at the earliest, but realistically, not until 2019.

The Colts reportedly inked Reich to a five-year deal. "In his home with his family, my family, the Colts family, it literally felt like a family gathering".

Now all Reich has to do is fix the bumbling Colts, who are scheduled to introduce him at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Lucas Oil Stadium.