Facebook Messenger Adds New Couples Features For Valentine's Day


The moment you both confirm you're in a relationship Messenger will open a conversation screen with your partner and the screen will be filled with a heart shower.

"This isn't a Valentine's Day promotion". The company says that people share over 2 emoji every day through Messenger, with the kissing face, heart eyes, and traditional heart ranking in the top five.

To mark the annual celebration of love, Messenger also revealed some stats around how the platform is used for declarations of love.

Chatting with the loved one: the first person to appear on the Active Tab will be the users loved one which provisions them to see whether they are available to chat.

"This isn't a Valentine's Day promotion".

Men and women actually express their love (via emojis) pretty similarly!

Now look, I feel it's only fair that I admit, yeah, my girlfriend and I have set custom nicknames, and changed the chat colors, and picked a new default emoji in Messenger.

For those who like to personalize their chats, red is the most popular chat color and ❤is the most popular custom emoji. Valentine's Day was one of the most popular and active days on Messenger last year - we're excited to see if that holds true for this year!

When you declare that you are in a romantic relationship on Facebook, you will get a notification from Messenger that will open a conversation with your loved one.

You will also get these effects and filters on Messenger video chat where after starting a video chat, just tap on the star icon to access them.

Moreover, if you are planning to send someone a love note tomorrow, Messenger Camera will make it special by adding a variety of fun filters and effects.