GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter for racist image


"Get a life. And don't go anywhere near MM - she's got more power, strength, honor and compassion in her fingernail than you'll ever know in this lifetime".

The picture superimposed by Nehlen was a reconstruction of the appearance of Cheddar Man, one of the oldest skeletons found in the United Kingdom, who experts believe had dark skin.

Paul Nehlen, a Republican candidate hoping to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin in 2018, was indefinitely suspended from Twitter this weekend, which resulted in a flurry of activity from far-right and alt-right activists online. The self-declared white supremacist had shared a photoshopped image of Markle with Britain's Prince Harry, her fiancé, with an image of the Cheddar Man - a dark-skinned man believed to be the first modern Briton - superimposed on her face. Nehlen has described himself as "pro-white" and decried the research on Cheddar Man as a way of "disappearing whites or dispossessing whites of their homelands".

If anyone has Meghan Markle's back, it's Patrick J. Adams, and not just because they starred together on Suits.

The supporter tweeted the image, which also featured Prince Harry, with the caption: 'Honey, does this tie make my face look pale?'

Meanwhile, Markle and Adams became close friends after playing love interests Rachel Zane and Mike Ross on hit U.S. legal drama Suits.

"Nehlen defended his post with another tweet saying he was making a joke about articles that "'science" to "prove' whites never existed".

Nehlen refused to take down the photo amidst outrage from the public. "No one person's account drives Twitter's growth, or influences these decisions". The reason for the suspension is unclear, but many speculate that it was because of his racist tweet against Markle.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says there's no room for people like Paul Nehlen in the Republican Party.

Nehlen is running for the second time in the Republican congressional primaries in Wisconsin after losing to Ryan by almost 70 percentage points in 2016. The royal family has once issued a statement defending Markle against racial abuse. The two are set to get married on May 19 at the Windsor Castle.