Hot Wheels Reveals A Real Life Rocket League Toy Set


Now that experience can become just a bit closer to reality with a new Hot Wheels set that delivers not only the cars, but also the field and other aspects of the game. Each vehicle will be fully controllable through blue-tooth enabled devices and they will all come with their very own base, ball, and field so that the in-game world of Rocket League can become a real life reality. To see more of this awesome toy set, Hot Wheels is revealing it at the New York Toy Fair event. It comes with a Rocket League-designed mini stadium loaded with infrared sensors and LCD scoreboards. The game ball transmits an IR signal, so when the ball passes through the goal, the entire thing explodes.

Hopefully this version will allow PlayStation 4 owners to play with everybody else, but we can't be sure.

The two RC cars, which are modelled after the "Octane" and "Dominus" cars, are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled using your device's touchscreen as a replacement for actual remotes. And while the cars aren't likely to jump, that's nothing some well-placed firecrackers can't fix.

Additional details on Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set and the partnership between Psyonix and Hot Wheels in 2018 will be announced later this year.

Rocket League is pretty wonderful, but combined with Hot Wheels, it's a whole new level of awesome. No Australian price yet, but it'll run you $US179.99 ($229) in the United States - quite a bit more than a copy of Rocket League.