'Missing' Whiteface Mountain Skier Found In California


The search detail now consists of Forest Rangers, state police, the Office of Emergency Management, Office of Fire Prevention Services, Department of Homeland Security, United States Customs and Border Protection, Whiteface and Gore Mountain ski patrol, Toronto Area Fire Services and other numerous organizations and volunteers, totaling more than 140 people comprising the search committee.

According to Toronto Professional Fire Firefighters' Association President Frank Ramagnano, Filippidis was able to make a call to his wife sometime this afternoon.

"He had phoned (his wife) and called her by a nickname, she quickly recognized the voice and that it was him", Ramagnano said.

Ramagnano told CTV News he was "confused" and "unable to give direct answers".

American authorities were in possession of the man's passport, so it was unlikely he flew to California, Ramagnano said.

They said he was in good health and did not appear distraught or distressed. "He believes he suffered a head injury at some point but is unclear as to when that occurred". "He said he slept a lot during the trip here and he didn't have a lot of recollection of how he got from A to B", Hampton said.

"He was adamant that he was not the victim of any crime", said Hampton.

According to CTV News, Filippidis was skiing with one other person but when that person started to feel worn out, Filippidis made a decision to do "one last run" by himself. The group was scheduled to return home that night.

He said he was sleeping for most of the 2,900-mile, 44-hour trip to California.

"It was coming to the end of the day and Danny wanted to do a last run, so he was skiing alone when he went missing", Ramagnano told reporters Tuesday, adding there was no indication of any problems.

"The circumstances regarding this case are under investigation, " a State Police statement read. Our Kelly O'Brien is in Ray Brook, New York, waiting for a public address from state officials. "They'll do a comprehensive investigation".

Ramagnano applauded the 100 Toronto firefighters who volunteered to help search for the missing fire captain.

"I saw the pain in his kids eyes when we were there".

"Some knew him really well and some didn't know him at all, (but) they all understood that one of us was in trouble".

"We are 3,000 members, a tightknit family".

Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said in an interview with Toronto's City News that Filippidis was "outgoing, positive, larger than life" and "a pleasure to be around".

"We are all very relieved to know he is safe, following what has been an exhausted search operation".