Rahul Gandhi hits out at govt over policy on Kashmir


Mr Gandhi accused the BJP government of pushing through "an untested GST system on 1.3 billion people of India which has now proved to be a disaster".

He also visited a Dargah in Raichur on Monday.

"Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in Karnataka, we welcome him because wherever he goes for election campaign, Congress loses and BJP wins", he jibed. "On the other side, as many as four (former) ministers who went to jail. and behind, 11 leaders who had to resign on charges of corruption", he said.

Hitting out at the Union government on employment generation, Rahul claimed that while China was creating 50,000 jobs in 24 hours, the NDA government was generating 450 jobs in 24 hours.

He said, "At some places, they kill Dalits, minorities, and tribals". He said that a child would also say that "wasting" 500 and 1000 rupees notes was not a good idea because it gave the corrupt the opportunity to whiten their black money.

"But, this is the first occasion when such a person reached the presidentship of the party as well as the prime ministership".

"The idea of demonetisation was planted by an RSS ideologue".

Later the same industrialist had sold the land at Rs 3000 per hectare, Gandhi alleged and wondered if it was BJP's much talked about Gujarat model of development.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi gestures during a public meeting in Gulbarga on Monday.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government had a "non-existent" policy for Kashmir, and held the ruling BJP-PDP alliance in the state responsible for the "bloodshed" in the region.

Pakodas and bhajjis are made of cereal powder paste mixed with grated onion and green chillies and coriander leaves, fried in oil. "Was it not state secret earlier?"

Gandhi's surprise act of stopping by the roadside eatery drew curious crowds and surprised the owner of the eatery and his assistants who were delighted to serve the 47-year-old scion of the Gandhi family in the way they do for ordinary customers.

Questioning whether the requisite permissions were taken from the cabinet committee on security, Gandhi asked what the aircraft's price was.

"Pakodas and bhajjis are popular snacks in the region, which is semi-arid and hotter than other parts of the state". Rahul asked while interacting with tax practitioner Praveen Kulkarni on audit of small traders.

Rahul, who is on day three of his Janashirvad Yatra in poll-bound Karnataka, said the prime minister should look "left and right" before talking of corruption.