THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row and Dead Island owner Koch Media


Koch Media's business also includes films, which are created "primarily for German and Italian speaking territories".

"With the competence THQ Nordic possesses on management level, Koch Media will be better positioned to deliver the full potential of its development projects in the future".

The move reunited a bunch of old THQ franchises under the THQ branding once more, with Koch Media having bought up Volition and their Saints Row series and spiritual successor Agents of Mayhem, kept the Homefront series going through Dambuster Studios and Homefront: The Revolution, and holding the publishing partnership with 4A Games for Metro: Exodus.

THQ Nordic released a note to the press saying they have no plans to restructure Deep Silver, which probably means no layoffs for the time being. However, when THQ went bankrupt in 2013, Volition was sold to Deep Silver. Not only does the deal mean that THQ Nordic now has all those IPs under its belt, but it also hoovers up all of Deep Silver's studios too, such as Volition and Dambuster.

Koch Media has a long history of profitability despite losses incurred from some less successful game releases. Any projects now under development at Deep Silver will remain, which hopefully means Dead Island 2 is still on the way despite its long, troubled development.

THQ Nordic says it'll "closely monitor and delegate resources... in order to ensure quality and a healthy return to investment on [Koch's] large in-house development projects". Nordic Games changed its name to THQ Nordic not long after purchasing the rights to those games. Deep Silver bought Saints Row and Metro as part of the THQ firesale, and, later, Homefront from Crytek.