Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black are expecting their first child


Congratulations to Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, who have announced that they're expecting a baby!

The two men shared their happy news in a Valentine's Day posts on social media.

The couple married in a private ceremony in Devon previous year, surrounded by a small number of friends and family.

Tom, 23, and 43-year-old Dustin got married last year after getting engaged in in 2015 and are ready to expand their family, telling fans, "A very happy #ValentinesDay from ours to yours".

Some have speculated that Daley and Black are expecting a boy, as the emoji of a family that they chose to use in their captions seemingly depicts a male child.

"Dustin and I definitely want a family in the future - who knows when?" he said.

In their wedding video, Tom said: "Within the first few minutes of conversation with Lance, things suddenly and massively changed for me. Every single part of him, the way he thinks, the way he acts and everything that he does just makes me fall in love with him every single day more and more".

Tom's husband Dustin previously told OUT Magazine in 2016: "We were so busy making all these plans - we both wanted to have children; we both wanted to build a home of our own someday".

"I knew I'd met my match".

"For example we went long distance for a very, very, long time: he was in LA, I was living in London".

Congratulations to them both!