Atlanta season 2 releases first full-length trailer


Set during the holidays - when the city of Atlanta sees a big crime spike - Season 2 appears to deal with familiar issues of money, love, desperation, and weed. Prior to the new trailer, we've seen a few teasers but nothing quite like this. Glover won the Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, and took home the Golden Globe for best comedy actor, too. "People have to get Christmas gifts so it's a time where robbery will go".

He's also apparently still involved with on-again, off-again girlfriend and baby mama Van (Zazie Beetz), who quips, "You're going to get us robbed". "It's a very tense and desperate time", he said. "Robbin' Season is kind of like a metaphor for all of our characters". Paper Boi is still flummoxed whenever people ask him to primp and preen for wider hip-hop audiences, and Darius is still doing...whatever he's doing.

The series returns to FX next month, and the logline is as short on spoilers as the trailer: Two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Starring and executive produced by Glover, Atlanta follows penniless Princeton drop-out Earn (Glover) as he tries to help his rapper cousin Alfred, a.k.a.

Ahead of its upcoming second season due out March 1, Atlanta has dropped a one minute trailer for the show's aptly named upcoming "Robbin Season".