Consultant urges Guilford school board members toward self-restraint and self-evaluation


The Jefferson Parish School Board has called a special meeting to appoint an interim superintendent and set dates for interviewing applicants to fill the post long-term.

The board's preliminary meeting Tuesday was attended by Fairfield District resident Jo Ann Adkins, who has two children in the county's school division.

Co-President of the Oswego Education Association Elizabeth Palatine encouraged the SD308 Board of Education to weigh the impact that the approved cuts and revenue increases would have on the district's students before the board's vote at its meeting on Monday. "What we're doing is looking at the needs of our community here".

Almost $15.5 million of that new funding would cover the final year of a three-year negotiated agreement between the school board and the Harford County Education Association, the local teachers' union, of two steps on the salary scale and a 2 percent COLA each year to correct years of lagging instructional salaries.

The text of the resolution adopted by the board states that the legislation targets schools that already face funding shortages, and would benefit families regardless of their incomes.

"I'm hopeful that while not everyone will agree with it, that if we as a board and leadership team can be behind it, we can promote it to the whole district and have excellent reasons why we think this is the best for our kids in moving forward as a district", said board member Deb Brandt.

And students in the Waterloo region aren't at a great risk of overdosing while in school, said board spokesman Nick Manning. With the LINKS program moving into Eastbury next year, officials hope to add more students.

"These questions may be the effect of financial conditions, many made at the state level and out of local control", she said.

It was chaotic as parents, teachers and community members shouted at the governing board when one member initially moved to table the agenda item.

"It might bring people out to our board meetings, but it might also bring them out to Frankfort", he said.

"Consensus is going to be the tough one, so we're not really dealing with the merit and value of ideas yet".

At Tuesday's meeting, Eaton, along with members of the board, ironed out several details to begin the search, including creating a job posting that will be advertised through KSBA, setting future meeting dates for the screening committee, setting interview dates for prospective candidates, and ultimately setting forth the goal of having a new superintendent hired by June 1, giving the newly hired individual a month to work with Cook. "We just want to get them out", he said.