Democratic Rebuttal to GOP Memo May Need New Committee Approval


Democrats said that the GOP memo "cherry-picked" details.

Schiff also referenced the rumored Trump sex tape. If the Justice Department had used it in writing a FISA warrant application, I insisted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would independently verify any important facts presented to the court, make any disclosures that ought in fairness be made so the judge could evaluate the credibility of the sources, and compellingly demonstrate probable cause before alleging that an American was a foreign agent.

Trump allowed the release of the memo, made public on February 2, which was written by the committee's Republicans.

"If a member or staff employee of the House Intelligence Committee engaged with the White House to stifle the special counsel inquiry, it would be hard to see how such collaboration would be considered "essential to the deliberations" of the committee or the House", the trio noted.

"Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!" Page had been on the FBI's radar since 2013, long before Trump ran for president and before Steele.

"This report from the Democrats does not keep American lives safe".

- Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn held secret conversations with Russian officials in December 2016 during the presidential transition period, promising to undermine sanctions imposed against Russia by the Obama administration for meddling in the US election.

The White House also released a letter sent to McGahn by Wray and to Rod Rosenstein, the second-ranking Justice Department official, expressing concerns about the memo's release 'in light of longstanding principles regarding the protection of intelligence sources and methods, ongoing investigations, and other similar sensitive information'.

"Like the GOP memo, the Democratic document draws from classified intelligence about the FBI's Russian Federation probe", Politico noted.

The president had until Saturday to decide whether to allow the classified material to become public after the House intelligence committee voted Monday to release it. Republicans backed releasing the memo in committee with a unanimous vote, but several said they thought it should be redacted.

Trump on Friday blocked the release of the memo which responds to a Republican memo alleging Justice Department surveillance abuses concerning Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

United States intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign in an attempt to tilt the race in Trump's favour, a finding that has spawned investigations into any ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow.

The Democratic memo is thought to elaborate on those points. Now, remember, this is an - an investigation into the other campaign.

Nothing can persuade the right that this memo has no proof of any conspiracy against Trump.

In revealing the scandal behind the alleged scandal, Nunes has come under fire from the mainstream media and Democrats who are outraged that the intel chairman deviated from the Trump-Russia collusion script they are so heavily invested in.

Some analysts have wondered whether Democrats would take the memo to the House floor to read the chamber, shielding themselves in the Constitution's "speech and debate" clause that protects them from repercussions stemming from floor debates.