Gmail Go Now Available On Android Devices


The interface of the new app is also quite identical to the original Gmail for Android, though you may notice the change in the user profile section that sits on top of the title bar and displays your profile photo and background image on the regular Gmail app. It is designed specifically for the Android Go phone users and will be available for download from Google Play Store. If Google has its way, then Samsung's foldable phone (rumoured to be labelled Galaxy X), will also become a reality. According to Google, "the Gmail you love" has just got lighter and just as fast.

The Gmail Go app is the slimmed down version of the mainstream Gmail Android App.

The operating system refresh, Android P, will emphasise Google's Assistant, a digital helper that competes with Apple's Siri and Inc's Alexa.

The latest Android update version 8.1.0 is still being rolled out to users' devices, so there's a chance that there are still some running the older version of Android Oreo. Android Police reported that the size of app is 24.80MB compared to 47.28MB for the regular app. These Go applications have been designed for phones with low memory and storage space, similar to Gmail Go. In simpler terms, Gmail Go is almost half the size of the regular Gmail app.

The inbox incorporates a priority mail view, showing mails from friends, and stacks social and promotional emails.

Also, the app comes with a feature that automatically blocks spam messages before they hit your inbox using Google's internal data sets and algorithms.

If we talk more about this Gmail Go app, it is not available for all the smartphones. Interestingly, with Gmail Go you can read and respond both online & offline.