Here's how to find out which Chinese year you were born in


In Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia, members of the ethnic Chinese community are preparing to ring in the Year of the Dog.

This year is the Year of the Dog in China, which is on a 12-year cycle with a new animal chosen to represent each year. The holiday is based off the lunar calendar and thus falls on a different day every year. Fireworks and making dumplings with family members are the most important elements of this festival. This year is the Year of the Dog, which last occurred in 2006 and will roll around again in 2030.

"The Lunar New Year is just like Christmas in America", Liang Zhang, CSA president, said.

The National Trust will be hosting a weekend of activities at the Giant's Causeway to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February.

Your date of birth corresponds to one of the following animals: dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey or rooster.

If your New Year's resolutions have got off to a slow start and you're wondering how we can be in February already, the beginning of the Chinese New Year tomorrow offers a fresh chance to hit the ground running.

"People who are married or elders will put money into red envelopes and give them to children or to people who are unmarried", Lee said.

If you have a large brood of kids hungry for red packets, at least you can save a few bucks on the envelopes this way. This festival is sometimes known traditionally as China's Valentine's Day when singles hope to meet with a companion.

Chea Sekhamony, a vendor of Chinese New Year decorations and items for prayer at Chbar Ampov Market in Phnom Penh, said a few weeks before the festival, business is booming. To be more specific, "upside down" means "Dao" in Chinese, which means "coming", and "Fu Dao" means the good fortune is coming to the household. "For normal days, the sales are not good, but when Chinese New Year season comes, the sales are up sharply".

"With all of this food and candy, it's this way of saying 'Look, we are alive and we're going to celebrate our lives and we are going to look forward to some really good things in the new year'".