Intel Drones Break Records with 1218 Drone Light Show


Intel drones set a new world record before the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games even began, by coordinating the most drones ever flown simultaneously.

Intel kicked off this year's Winter Olympics by setting a new Guinness World Record for the "most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously".

Intel was also the previous record holder, with a flight of 500 drones in Germany in 2016.

It is important to note that for security purposes, all the light show was pre-recorded and broadcast at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in the record.

"The Olympics are a time when the sports and entertainment industries are buzzing with record-setting performances, so it was the flawless stage for Intel Shooting Star drones and our team to set their own kind of record", Natalie Cheung, general manager of Intel's drone light show team, said in a statement.

The drone light show treated thousands of Olympics attendees at the opening event, but Intel promised it will not be the last.

The Intel Shooting Star drone is a quadcopter that weighs 330 grams, and is constructed with a soft frame made of flexible plastics and foam.

A video of the display can be found below. Even though these little drones seem like they might be the flawless in-house drone toy, that's not what Intel intends for them.

Every drone fleet performance is controlled by just one pilot.

Intel's robotic fireflies are quadcopters that weigh 12 ounces, or as much as a can of soda, and are equipped with an array of LED lights.

For the Olympic show, Intel's drones were programmed to paint the sky with colorful imagery, including the 3-D outline of a snowboarder that morphed into the Olympic rings.

Another recent display took place above the Las Vegas Strip and the iconic Fountains of Bellagio, when 250 Intel drones were coordinated with the fountains to the song, "Stargazing", by Kygo.

"It's in essence technology meeting art", says Anil Nanduri, general manager of Intel's drone group.