Pakistan's army chief joins conference in Afghan capital


During a visit this week to eastern Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, who commands the USA and Nato's Resolute Support mission in the country, said the intensified offensive is yielding results.

Addressing Chiefs of Defence Conference held in the Afghan capital, he said that regions develop as a whole and not in the form of individual countries.

Responding to the oft repeated U.S. and Afghan allegations of providing terrorist save havens, the army chief insisted that Pakistan had eliminated all terrorist sanctuaries from its soil.

He stated that collaborative approach and persistence is the answer to all challenges, for which Pakistan is ready to play its part.

Despite Pak-Afghan delegations meeting for talks both in Kabul and Islamabad, little headway has been made on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS), which is a Pakistani initiative for cooperation in the areas of counterterrorism and reduction of violence, peace and reconciliation, refugees' repatriation and joint economic development.

"This can never mean that we are exhausted or our will has been sapped", the militants added, though said they had no intention to damage any other country or let anyone use Afghan territory against anyone else.

"I believe that at last Pakistan will bow to global pressure and will join the fight against terrorism", Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Daulat Waziri said on February 13.

The participants reminded the world, particularly the European Parliament, that terrorist hideouts in Pakistan not only disrupted security in Afghanistan, but also threatened the entire region, he said. Pakistan said it would look into the information shared by Kabul. There was no word either when the next round of talks would take place. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have remained tense for many months now as the two sides accuse the other for turning a blind eye towards certain militant groups.