Sea of Thieves gets one more beta test before March 20 debut


Sea of Thieves the new action-adventure pirate game came out with a few new announcements recently. The team stresses that it isn't seeking any feedback on the game experience with these tests, instead focusing on testing "issues at a high scale of player concurrency".

Microsoft and Rare are giving us more shot at Sea of Thieves before they debut the anticipated title on March 20th. Things will kick off this weekend, when Rare has announced it will hold a scale test created to stress its services and pinpoint any issues that crop up.

Microsoft has explained to GamesBeat that this test players should be expecting connection errors, Rare will be limiting the vacancies for players in servers so they can really see how their hardware handles huge stress.

The Scale Test will begin on Friday, February 16 at 10am GMT (2am PST) and end on Sunday, February 18 at 10am GMT (2am PST).

As part of this ongoing work, Rare announced that it's hosting a Sea of Thieves scale test this weekend. Rare will also purposefully throttle performance at times to simulate outages. Because this is a stress test, participants should expect session interruptions, occasional inability to join games at certain times and issues with using in-game shops. There will also be more tests being conducted in the coming weeks, and once they are over, the developer confirmed that another beta will be held closer to the game's launch.

Things scale a lot higher for the "Extreme" settings, assuming you have a rig that can handle playing Sea of Thieves at 4K and 60fps, a rare and astronomical feat for most gamers.