Sessions Calls Sheriffs' Role Part Of 'Anglo-American Heritage'


Demings, who is black, said he was present at the conference and that Sessions remarks were "met with mixed applause in a mostly Anglo crowd of American sheriffs".

Some eyebrows were raised when Sessions made the remark to the National Sheriffs' Association, but a Justice Department spokesman said the term had no "nefarious meaning", report the Washington Post and NBC.

- Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) February 12, 2018 Jeff Sessions literally called sheriffs a "critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement".

As Vice News reporter Tess Owen pointed out, Sessions referenced the "Anglo-American" tradition while praising the late Justice Antonin Scalia during a speech at last week's Reagan Alumni Association's Celebration of President Reagan's Birthday.

In 2016, it was reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been warned of white supremacists within law enforcement. He added: "We must never erode this historic office". "Just as I am committed to defending law enforcement who use deadly force while lawfully engaged in their work, I will also hold any officer responsible breaking the law". And his utterance of that despicable term "Anglo-American" showed the world his true and utterly racist attitude toward non-whites in America.

Sessions had been accused of being racially insensitive in the past.

Other Justice Department officials have spoken of it, too, without generating much attention.

The word "heritage" is a loaded term often used by neo-Confederates and white supremacists to defend the public display of Confederate flags and statues. Anglo-American refers to things that are made up of influences from Britain and from the United States.

Sessions made the weird remarks at the National Sheriffs Association's winter meeting.

Ian Prior, a spokesperson for the DOJ, said in a statement that the term "Anglo-American law" is common parlance among lawyers and legal scholars, pointing to a number of opinions from the US Supreme Court. His point ... was that, "since our founding, the independently elected sheriff" has played a "critical" role within a law enforcement system that developed in England and was then adopted in America. Or they could simply put "Anglo-American law" into Google. "We need everyone to believe in and respect the rule of law regardless of their beliefs and heritage".

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, tweeted that the remarks were "a dog whistle" and "appalling", while actress Alyssa Milano said that Sessions should be "fired immediately".