JA bobsleigh team coach says she was forced out


As the CBC reports (and darn those clever Canucks for coming up with the catchiest possible headline, one that references Cool Runnings), Jamaican bobsled team coach Sandra Kiriasis quit suddenly, less than a week before the women compete in Pyeongchang.

Jamaica Bobsleigh expressed their disappointment as Kiriasis' decision in a statement released to the press.

She adds that she is legally responsible for the sled used by the two-woman team and will take it with her, unless she is paid for it by the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation (JBF).

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The Jamaicans have a female bobsled team at the Olympics for the first time in Pyeongchang.

"But she's chosen to step back and we have to keep going".

Contributing further to the disarray is Kiriasis' apparent intention to take the team's sled with her.

German bobsled star and two-time Olympic medalist Sandra Kiriasis has left the team after having her role reduced from driving coach to track performance analyst. "There are no Gods and Goddesses here".

Women's bobsleigh training begins on Saturday with the heats taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. "Our in-house chef Carrie Russell (brakeman) cooked traditional Jamaican dinner, followed by some dancing (seen on Jazmine's [Fenlator-Victorian] Instagram)".

Here's the surprising, but very cool, part: After seeing the news, executives at Red Stripe, Jamaica's best-known legal export, were like, We've got this.

Andrew Anguin, a marketing manager for Red Stripe, confirmed to Adweek that the beer producer is keen on funding a sled for the team, saying: "As a beer born and brewed on the same island as these athletes, we want to ensure they have what they need to proudly compete". "This will have an effect on the Jamaican team, whether because they have lost their world-class coach or both coach and equipment", John Jackson, a former pilot for Great Britain's bobsled team, told the BBC.

Life imitating art imitating a hazy, film-friendly version of life; such was the feeling surrounding Jamaica's participation in the Winter Olympics' Women's Bobsleigh.