Modi addresses students on exam stress


The apex students body of the state said, "It is a big letdown that the prime minister did not mention about the five-decade-old Chakma and Hajong refugee issue and the inter-state boundary dispute with Assam among others".

Dedicating the day to students, Modi said that today, they will ask him questions and it is his "exam day".

Dance performance by students at "Pariksha Par Charcha", an interactive session by PM Modi with students at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium. He said,

"I wanted to know if the Prime Minister, too, is nervous for the board exams that he will be facing next year."

"Parents who impose their own dreams on their children do a big harm to them".

The prime minister said different countries had different responsbilities and equity in reducing carbon emissions and thwarting drastic rises in temperature. "I pay respects firstly to my teachers, who kept the student alive in me", Modi said beginning his address.

Several academics criticised Modi's advice as "pop philosophy" and questioned its timing, saying students could have utilised the time for preparing for the examinations. But his visit has not borne any fruit and instead disappointed every Arunachalee, said Tuki.

In his recently launched book named "Exam Warriors", the Prime Minister urges students to "be warriors, not worriers".

Girish Singh, a student from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Delhi, asked if the Prime Minister was prepared for elections in 2019.

"It is not appropriate to make a student travel some distance to a venue to attend the video conferencing when he/she could stay at home and concentrate on his studies with just a few days to go for the exams", Mr Chatterjee said.

Tackling Climate Change is high on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agenda and the International Solar Alliance is an outcome of his efforts to popularise alternative sources of energy.

Discussing the goal of creating a carbon sink of 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030, Modi said it had once seemed hard to many but India had continued with its steady progress on that path.