This one Telugu character is making iPhones crash worldwide


Skype and Telegram messaging apps appear to be unaffected by the bug. Now it looks like there's another bug and this time it can crash any app with just a Telugu language character.

There's a new iPhone-crashing bug to add to Apple's list of iOS 11 problems, one affecting messaging apps like Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. MobileWorld, the site that first reported the bug, also states that the bug can affect macOS and watchOS as well. Apple plans to address the new bug with a new iOS update before the spring release of iOS 11.3.

In some situations, if the character is viewed through an iOS notification, it can cause the entire device to crash. Once the message has been sent and received, Apple's iOS Springboard will crash.

"The character in question can cause serious problems and, in nearly all our tests, after the Springboard crash the iPhone went into bootloop and we had to perform a reset from DFU [Device Firmware Upgrade] mode", the site reported. The new update will be integrated into the upcoming macOS 10.14 and Apple may also introduce some of its iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac devices with the update.

The Telugu text bomb, however, is not the only rogue character that can bring your Apple device to its knees. If that's not available to you, you might be able to delete the thread when you receive a new message on it.

The character which causes the problem is used in the written version of an Indian language spoken by approximately 70 million people. You can only do so from another device though, and only if that device doesn't run iOS. It also forced the whole system to stop and reload.

Apple has been troubled by a series of issues lately, including a separate iOS bug called 'chaiOS' that was exposed by a researcher on GitHub. In January, software researcher Abraham Masri discovered an iOS glitch that allowed a specific URL to crash any iPhone it was texted to, sometimes resulting in a kernel panic.

But you can fix the iOS 11 problem right now. iOS 11.3 is currently in public beta and is receiving weekly updates.