Brazilian derby abandoned after NINE men get sent off


He celebrated with a provocative dance in front of the Vitoria supporters, which led to fury from the home players.

Cue a brawl behind the goal which saw substitutes run onto the pitch, punches thrown - and mass entertainment for the crowds.

Vitoria were down to nine and Bahia eight when a player from each team was sent off as violence spread to the stands. Red cards were meted out to seven players, and a further two later on.

Bahia and Vitoria took it to the next level on Sunday in a state cup match in Brazil.

After he managed to kick the ball away from the Bahia player, Vitoria's own full-back Bryan complained to the referee, asking to book his teammate, who already had a yellow card.

ReactionI have no doubt whatsoever regarding the rules.

The Vice President of Bahia football club, Vitor Ferraz, told O Globo that he will tell his players to report assaults in the match to the police. According to the BBC, Bahia are likely to be awarded a 3-0 walkover victory. "But if the rule has it there, it will have to be fulfilled".

Vitoria goalkeeper Fernando Miguel did not like the celebrations and went after Vinicius to complain. He said: "It is responsible for everything that happened here today".