Mueller Reveals New Indictment Against Manafort


In a statement following Gates' guilty plea, he said it does not change his commitment to defend himself against what he calls "untrue piled up charges".

KELLY: All right, so what's going on here because Manafort and Rick Gates were already facing conspiracy and money laundering charges in Washington.

The majority of the charges in the new indictment are the same as the ones filed against Manafort in October.

Yesterday, federal prosecutors unsealed a new indictment against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Both men were charged with conspiracy to launder money in October.

Another Donald Trump campaign official is cooperating with Robert Mueller.

(Though it's worth noting that the longtime G-man's name is pronounced "MULL-er" as in cruller, not "MULE-er" as in Bueller.) It was first offered previous year, when Manafort and Gates were charged initially.

A court filing shows Gates has agreed to plea to charges accusing him of conspiring against the US government related to fraud and unregistered foreign lobbying as well as lying to federal authorities. Manafort served as the Trump campaign's chairman, and Gates was his deputy. It was not immediately clear what impact his plea would have on his co-defendant, Manafort.

Prosecutors also have secured guilty pleas from Trump's former national security adviser Mike Flynn and a campaign foreign policy aide, George Papadopoulos, who acknowledged in court documents that he met with a person he thought was tied to the Russian government who was offering "dirt" on Clinton.

After being forced out of the campaign alongside Manafort, he joined the Republican National Committee to work in fundraising.

It was 2015, and Trump campaign chair to-be Paul Manafort had a problem.

Manafort's comments towards Gates appear to reflect the former business partners' deteriorating relationship.

Manafort introduced him to the highflying and controversial world of worldwide political consulting. Those clients included a range of unsavory characters including Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos and African dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A superseding indictment returned on Friday against Manafort from a Washington, D.C., grand jury contained additional details about their political work in Ukraine, including allegations that Manafort secretly retained a group of former European politicians known as the "Hapsburg group" to lobby for the government. Their skill exchange created a potentially incriminating paper trail: Manafort, then 66, emailed Gates a 2016 profit and loss statement in PDF form, which showed a $600,000 loss.

The new 32-count indictment returned by a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia comes after Mueller separately charged the pair in Washington a year ago with money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents for their work related to Ukraine. Gates is accused of 11 counts related to filing false income tax returns and three counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts.

According to the 32-count indictment, prosecutors alleged that Manafort and Gates laundered $30 million, failed to pay taxes for almost 10 years and used their real estate to fraudulently secure over $20 million. He is still a father of four children.