Russian Federation deploys its most sophisticated jets in Syria


This further confirms earlier reports that Russian Federation has recently sent the jets to Syria despite its promise to reduce its military presence there.

The Pentagon says USA military commanders were told by their Russian counterparts that there were no Russians in a paramilitary force whose attack on a base in eastern Syria early February 2018 led to a massive counterstrike by US forces. However, the National Interest notes that Russian Federation has a preference for earlier battlefield testing than the US and its allies.

Russian officials originally said that only a few citizens had been killed before acknowledging this week that "several dozen" Russians who went to Syria "of their own free will" had died along with pro-Assad troops.

In addition to US forces supporting rebels and Russian forces supporting Assad, Turkey has sent troops into the northern part of its neighbor to combat the USA -backed Kurdish forces that it sees as an extension of separatists in its own country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has paid tribute to the Russian military at a ceremony for presenting national awards on the occasion of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the Kremlin has said.

Arrival of Russian stealth fighter jets to Syria to raise complexity for U.S.

The February 7 attack was the first deadly clash between citizens of Russian Federation and the United States since the Cold War and suggests that tensions in Syria could grow even as the Islamic State is pushed back.

Some relatives have said their loved ones were lured by the company's relatively high wages but were deceived into thinking they were going to work on construction projects.

The United States has said that air and artillery strikes launched after as many as 500 pro-government forces attacked a base housing US -backed opposition forces and USA military advisers killed about 100 of the attackers. "Military service to the glory of the Fatherland has always been reputed here".

The intercepted communications show not only that Prigozhin was personally involved in planning the attack but that he had discussed it with senior Syrian officials, including Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Fadlallah Azzam.

Screenshot of Russian soldiers in the Syrian desert.

On Jan. 30, Prigozhin "indicated he had a "good surprise" for Assad "that would come between 6 and 9 February". The Kremlin has not commented on the reports.

The communications continued until February 5 and resumed the day after the attack, the Post reported.

Meanwhile, U.S. -led airstrikes in Syria continue, with 43 against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq from Feb 9-15., according to U.S. Central Command.

The Syrian government has repeatedly threatened to use force to ensure the departure of US troops from Syria. He also allegedly runs a business that profits off of oil and gas deals in Syrian territories seized from the Islamic State terrorist group. Most of those fields are on the eastern side of the Euphrates, where SDF fighters, accompanied by US forces, have been advancing on the extremists. It is not clear if the Jets would be used for actual combat operations.