Armed Teacher Would've 'Shot The Hell Out Of' Florida Gunman


Trump offered his support for giving teachers guns during an extraordinary White House meeting Wednesday with often-tearful, sometimes angry students and parents affected by school shootings - including several from the high school in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed on February 14. What can we do to help you feel safe?" and "5.

"Our banks, our airports, our National Basketball Association games, our NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians, they're all more protected than our children at school", LaPierre said. "Unless you're going to have offensive capability, you're wasting your time".

"I'm a teacher who qualified in the military on the rifle, handgun, light machine gun, heavy machine gun, grenade launcher, automatic grenade launcher, bayonet and hand grenade", Connelly said. "That's what they want to hear".

Mark Barden, whose son was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in CT, said his wife, Jackie, a teacher "will tell you that school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now than to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life". "I just grieve for you, I feel so - to me, there could be nothing worse than what you've gone through".

Public affairs director Jennifer Baker said: "We need serious proposals to prevent violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from acquiring firearms". On Thursday, he suggested bonuses for teachers who choose to carry guns. "20% of teachers, a lot, would now be able to immediately fire back if a savage sicko came to a school with bad intentions".

"There are too many possibilities for an accident to happen, for someone to think that someone is a threat", Glen Rock, NJ high school student Casey Bedwell-Coll said.

"Anyone who pushes arming teachers doesn't understand teachers and doesn't understand our schools". But you could have concealed on the teachers.

After the shooting at Parkland, the news of an armed security guard on the site emerged but he did not get a chance to engage the gunman, Nikolas Cruz.

Trump also said during the meeting that he would stand strong on the background checks and mental health issues for the gun buyers.

U.S. president Donald Trump has defied many of his supporters in gun lobbying group the National Rifle Association (NRA) by saying assault rifles should be kept out of the hands of anyone under 21.

"Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue - I hope!" he said.

The President also blamed violence in video games and movies as partly responsible for shaping young people's thoughts. "We have to harden our schools, not soften them up".

Mr Trump has spent the past two days listening to ideas about how to stem gun violence at schools after last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which sparked a wave of protests. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) broke with the president Wednesday evening, saying during a CNN townhall event that he did not support arming teachers.

Nelson also called for "common-sense solutions", including outlawing certain firearms.

"My focus is on providing more law enforcement officers, not on arming the teachers", he added.