Batmobiles old and new are heading to Rocket League


Our latest licensed DLC brings a league of your favorite superheroes to the Rocket League universe! The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack features vehicles and cosmetic features based on the muscle-bound chumps that make up the Justice League.

Fans of the popular soccer x cars video game "Rocket League" should be excited for its upcoming update.

Gotham City and Batman are well-represented in this one, with the Dark Knight getting not one but two custom cars in the "DC Super Heroes" DLC Pack.

The Justice League is joining forces with Rocket League, as Psyonix has announced new DLC coming to the rocket vehicle soccer title. One of them is the classic 1989 Batmobile for those who like the vintage DC Comics side of things.

The Batmobile is coming to Rocket League.

For the "Rocket League" players who prefer a sharper, more angular look, there's the tank-like "Tumbler" Batmobile that was featured in "The Dark Knight" trilogy. Psyonix have announced a DC Super Heroes DLC pack for their rocket-powered sports game. Each decal works on specific cars in the game.

Aquaman-Breakout Decal and Player Banner. The eSports giant is no stranger to crossover materials either: the NBA, Back to the Future, The Fast and the Furious, Rick and Morty, and Warframe are just a small sample of properties that have found their way into Rocket League. There'll be decals and banners for Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and several other characters.