BJP demands Tharoor's apology over 'dog' remark


Since Meghalaya is set to go to polls on February 27, political parties are indulging in mudslinging and verbal attacks, lately.

The president of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, who had campaigned in different parts of the state and held road-show here, highlighted work done by the Mukul Sangma government, and urged people to vote for the party.

Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor on Friday predicted the party would come back to power in Meghalaya on account of good performance record of its government whereas the BJP has no "record of delivery". Taking it a step further Tharoor said that the NPP was attached to be BJP as a tail "that wags whenever the dog barks".

Adding to this, Congress leader said, "I am not sure people in Meghalaya will be happy with a mask party which pretends to speak for local interest and here and outside attaches itself with a party which has betrayed the values of the country".

BJP in-charge for Meghalaya, Nalin S Kohli claimed in a press conference in Shillong on Saturday that Tharoor's remark also implies that the saffron party has been equated with a dog, which is an insult to the voters. "If they are allowed to form the next government, Meghalaya will be left behind and we will not be able to catch up with other states", he said at an election rally at Milliem, where he sought people's support for Phillipole D Marak.

The Member of Parliament and a former bureaucrat also accused the BJP Government of "promoting a narrow minded idea of India" which he said was "an idea based on Hindutva that is their only message".

"What makes the people here suddenly believe that somehow in Meghalaya they will deliver when they have not done anywhere else?"

"If they had made inroads, they would not have bought MLAs", he said, adding that the BJP wave is waning because Christians and minorities feel threatened by the BJP.

"The social audit law is a law and it exists". The results would be out on March 3.