"Black Panther" movie breaks insane number of Box Office records


Experts say by the end of this weekend, it's likely Black Panther will be one of the all time top 10 grossing superhero releases in North America.

Who needs the Avengers when you have the Black Panther?! The film released domestically on February 16th and immediately became a hit, earning well over $200 million in its first weekend. "I don't think so", she said.

"The world has embraced Black Panther, which has obliterated expectations, broken records & shattered myths".

The Black Panther will return later this year in Avengers: Infinity War, alongside practically every other Marvel Cinematic Universe hero to date.

"Culturally, there's so much rich history in this movie that when you're young you grow up hearing, you're descendants of kings and queens from Africa", Crews said.

Taking to Twitter, Stan Lee, who hasn't been part of Marvel Comics for a long time but is credited as a producer on the Marvel Studios movies and is always given a cameo, shared his congratulations to the cast and crew of Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan, plays Erik Killmonger Stevens, an arms dealer, who has a history with Black Panther, and comes into conflict with him.

The utopic African nation of Wakanda isn't real, but the Lake County, Illinois village of Wauconda will do just fine for some fans of Marvel's "Black Panther". Following up on the events of "Captain America: Civil War", T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman, "Marshall"), the Black Panther and newly crowned King of Wakanda, must deal with both his father's legacy as well as how he will handle Wakanda's role in the world going forward.

A mysterious artifact from Wakanda has been stolen from a museum and T'Challa must travel far and wide to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. The couple sent 100 Boys & Girls Club members from four different US cities to go see the movie, and they urge others to do the same. From Get Out to Black Panther, hopefully the success of these films debunks any myths that Black films can not be successful across the globe. While many felt that this was CBFC's doing, our sources have told us that "it is not CBFC who muted the word Hanuman but it's the producers of the movie in India who chose to do this".