Delta abruptly reverses course, severs contract with the NRA


But the NRA is feeling more heat than ever in the wake of last week's massacre at a Florida high school as some corporate partners back away from the organization.

Enterprise Holdings, which runs the Enterprise, Alamo and National vehicle rental groups, announced that it will end the discount deal it has with the NRA on March 26.

On Thursday, the First National Bank of Omaha, the largest privately-owned bank in the country, announced that it would no longer be offering an NRA credit card in response to "customer feedback".

Trump has been proposing a growing list of ideas, including more stringent background checks for gun buyers, reopening some mental institutions to hold potential killers and banning "bump stock" devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to mimic machine guns.

As of Friday morning, Norton was still promoting an NRA-affiliated program on its website that offered deals including $37 off a basic yearly subscription that normally runs for $69.99. "I now welcome all fellow @NRA members to rethink their vehicle rental arrangements".

The exodus began on Thursday (local time), when three rental vehicle brands owned by Enterprise Holdings Inc said they were ending discount programs, and First National Bank of Omaha said it would not renew the NRA's contract to issue a co-branded Visa card.

Insurer Chubb Ltd said on Friday it would stop underwriting a NRA-branded insurance policy for gun owners that covers legal costs in self-defense shootings.

After the recent Florida school shooting, hashtag participation from social media users with both big and small followings have prompted several brands to cut ties with the National Rifle Association.

"Since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, a number of companies have chose to sever their relationship with the NRA, in an effort to punish our members who are doctors, farmers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, nurses, shop owners and school teachers that live in every American community", the NRA said Saturday evening in a released statement.

Marion Hammer serves as the National Rifle Association's lobbyist in Florida and works out of Tallahassee as the go-to for the gun lobbying and gun rights legislation, according to a profile by The New Yorker published Friday. "We value all our customers but have made a decision to end our discount program with the NRA", the company told USA TODAY in a statement. They have also asked the group to remove any references to the airlines from its website.

"Some corporations have chose to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice" spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said.

"Let it be absolutely clear", the statement said.

"I think there are other strategies that can be done to ensure safety on the campus", Hamada said. But on social media, the group attempted to change the conversation by targeting the mainstream media.

Teacher Kevin Matsunaga, who has been instructing at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School since 2000, believes the answer to the problem is not to put more guns into schools.

"Even if we disagree with management, we focus on engaging with the company and understanding how they are responding to society's expectations of them", BlackRock spokesperson Ed Sweeney said in a statement.