MateBook X Pro: Huawei attempts to out-Pro Apple's MacBook Pro


Speaking of streaming, Ankit Jhaveri, Huawei's senior director of mobile computing, told us Netflix's decision to allow users to download content for offline viewing has been a boon for Huawei's tablet business.

Android has been optimized for productivity on the 10.8-inch HUAWEI MediaPad M5 with a "Desktop View" experience that improves navigation for productivity-related activities.

That said, the computer might open up a lot of possibilities considering that the prices are nearly at par with the pricing of Apple's line-up but we are yet to know if these laptops would be introduced in the Indian market as India was not listed in the first wave market.

In term's of the 10.8in Pro model, this keeps the same core spec as the non-Pro model, however Huawei has designed a new pen for the device, dubbed the M Pen.

The larger 10.8-inch version is a little hard to hold in one hand due to its size, but the 8.4-inch one is flawless for one-handed use if you want to take notes on it. Regardless of size, both have the same Huawei "ClariVu" IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2560×1600.

There are antenna bands around each device too, but these don't spoil the look, as the MediaPad 5 range are still attractive tablets. The bezels are so thin you don't notice them.

Inside each tablet there's an older chipset than in Huawei's most recent phones, but it should still prove fast and reliable.

As an added cherry on top, Huawei's loaded them with a double suspension system that separates the speakers from the motherboard and chassis, which will in theory reduce noise/distortion when the volume's cranked. The large 10.8-inch model has, you guessed it, four. The MateBook X Pro does have two USB Type-C ports (one of which supports Thunderbolt 3), there's also a traditional USB 3.0 port for connecting flash drives and peripherals. All of the SKUs also offer an SD card expansion slot that can bring the total on-board storage up to 256 GB. The latter is also equipped with power-saving management technology that further boosts battery life by re-allocating resources, giving what Huawei says is up to a 15 per cent improvement in efficiency.

The MediaPad M5 comes in three flavors: There's an 8.4-inch version that handles very much like a giant smartphone, and a larger 10.8-inch model that's heftier, with more of a convertible angle. We've yet to properly try out the stylus, but it'll likely be a great addition if you like to draw and take notes on your tablet. I really enjoy Huawei's approach to building Windows 10 PCs, as the features feel well thought-out.

All of the specs look good here, plus it packs a decent design.

Quality looks to be pretty good too - we couldn't put it through too many tests or measure its colour accuracy but there weren't any immediately noticeable problems, and colours look rich and vivid. Look out for our full review to find out our conclusions.