"Kojima Productions Forever" message hidden in Metal Gear Survive


While there has been no official confirmation regarding the matter, it's a little hard to brand this development as mere coincidence, not when it's this flawless.

Needless to say, Kojima himself has nothing to do with Metal Gear Survive, and when asked about it following the game's announcement, stated he feels zombies don't belong in the franchise.

"#Metal Gear Survive" released last week and the United Kingdom game chart was updated today to reflect the past seven days of game sales.

A new Metal Gear game of any kind used to be a huge event.

It looks like Kojima still has some loyal followers at Konami with the discovery of a secret message inside Metal Gear Survive.

The top spot has been taken by "FIFA 18" and in second place is Rockstar's hugely popular "Grand Theft Auto V". The rest of the Top 10 were made by some likely suspects: Call of Duty: WWII and Monster Hunter World to name but two. That's not exactly ideal for a franchise the size of Metal Gear, even if we all knew Survive was going to be more of an off-shoot that anything else. The Japanese studio held onto the IP, and six months later it announced Metal Gear Survive. Multiple save slots have been standard features in video games since the concept was devised.

The message is early on in the game; after entering in your own character's name, you're shown a clipboard with your selection alongside a host of other names. The publisher also removed Kojima's directing credit from official Metal Gear Solid V artwork and cancelled Silent Hills, a highly anticipated sequel he was working on with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus.