WhatsApp to take its "Delete for Everyone" feature to a next level


According to the sources, the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.69 allows users to delete messages within 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds of the message being sent. This feature was ideally meant for people who made a mistake in the message or sent it to the wrong group. To lock the voice note, you will have to tap the "mic" icon in the chat window and after 0.5 seconds, WhatsApp will show you a new UI element with a locked microphone button.

The new feature will come with WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.18.69 (we also found it in 2.18.71).

WhatsApp, previous year introduced the "locked voice recording feature" for iOS. With the latest report that emerged online, WhatsApp for Android users can say bid farewell to the very pesky situation where they have to long press the record button!

WhatsApp to take its

WhatsApp is one of the primary messaging tools for millions of smartphone users all over the world and the company keeps on introducing new features for its users. The feature will work in the same manner for Android as well. As per recent reports, WhatsApp might soon roll out a new update that will include features like locked recording, preview of recording and increasing the time limit for delete message for everyone feature.

Since the introduction of the "Delete for everyone" feature back in November, most of us have already seen the infamous "This message was deleted" written in our chats. Looks like, 7 minutes to delete a message is really less.

Just a few months after WhatsApp introduced its much-awaited feature, the messaging app is planning to make drastic change to the option that allows users to delete their sent messages. While the increased number does sound a little random, it is a vast improvement as compared to 420 seconds or seven minutes deadline earlier. You can now delete a sent message within 68 minutes and 16 seconds from the sent time.