Google Lens Is Now Available On Android Phones, Should We Be Scared?


It looks like Google is rebranding Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system.

Android Wear fans may be disappointed to learn the company is planning to rebrand its wearable platform in the coming months, but it's not necessarily a sign the company is giving up on smartwatches. Until then what do you guys think of "Wear OS" for branding? It remains unclear whether Google will go forth with the changes, but it makes sense to see changes like this since Android Wear hasn't performed as well as Google has hoped in recent memory.

The appearance of a new logo accompanied by the name "Wear OS" when connecting a smartwatch to a smartphone running the first beta version of Android P for developers, got certain testers wondering if changes could be in store.

Android Wear is pretty much at a standstill right now.

Android Wear used to be my personal favorite wearable OS, and I religiously wore the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, and Huawei Watch.

Recently, Google has after a long time, at least in the fast era of technology, officially made their Len available to non-Google or Android phones that have Google Photos installed. Apple now leads the way in the wearables sector, ahead of Xiaomi, Fitbit and Garmin, all products and brands not using Android Wear. The reason for this is probably due to neutrality, same reason that Android Pay was rebranded to Google Pay which is because Android Pay could be used on Apple phones.