Latest OnePlus 5/5T Open Beta brings Android 8.1


The OnePlus 5T has been updated to Android 8.1 Oreo, but only if you're on the Open Beta program.

The number of Android flagships running Oreo at all is already slim, but those using Android 8.1 are even fewer. The update brings a lot of changes, including a bump of Android version to 8.1 Oreo. You will find this kind of feature with wearable bands and also with gestures included with Samsung devices. While nothing major has been announced in this update beyond the actual software version, users will nonetheless welcome the quick and regular software updates issued by OnePlus.

The update adds new gesture-based auto call pickup by raising the smartphone.

Interestingly, this update also includes the security patch for February 2018 from Google.

The update introduces a new feature called "Gaming Mode", which enables immersive gaming experience including power saving and pausing adaptive brightness. The latest update also ships with global roaming solution and the ability to backup app data from smartphones other than OnePlus. It will basically allow users to switch between devices seamlessly. Now this is a beta, which means you do need to update to the company's open beta program to get updated to Android Oreo. For more info, head to the Source links below. However, advanced users can get a taste of upcoming features and software through the open beta program, before these features are thoroughly tested and rolled out as stable OTAs. The company is planning to gauge the response from beta users and based on the feedback the update will be modified to incorporate all the changes. The update will be available over-the-air (OTA) for those users who have already flashed a previous Open Beta build. Digging deeper into the OxygenOS Open Beta 4 firmware files, an image has been found which is named as "screendecor_up_img_enchilada_1" as seen above.