Alleged UFO encounter captured on declassified United States navy pilot's video


Mellon, who is also an advisor to the private research firm called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, wrote that the sightings of highly advanced aircrafts much superior to the ones in the U.S. have hinted at a possibility of some countries going much ahead of others in technology or an evidence of an alien civilization.

Newly declassified video footage shows Navy pilots sighting an unknown craft that some speculate is of alien origin.

"Look at that flying!" one of them says.

These videos are a select few of a number of recorded encounters between the US Navy and UFO's that the Department of Defense has unclassified and released.

"This footage was captured by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet using the Raytheon ATFLIR Pod that was being operated by a highly trained aerial observer and weapons system operator whom the government has spent millions of dollars to train", the research firm reports in a statement accompanying the video. The Pentagon has not commented on latest recording since its release. The UFO was spotted moving at high speed across the ocean on the U.S. east coast. One of the pilots involved in the incident, retired Commander David Fravor, told CNN that he saw what looked like a "40-foot-long Tic Tac" maneuvering rapidly and changing its direction.

As the UFO continues on its flight path, one of the pilot makes a note of their speed and direction - "They are all going against the wind". The fighter jets however found nothing.

Chris Mellon, TTSA adviser and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence under presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, criticized the national security agencies for not researching what is behind the odd objects in the sky, ABC News reported. "There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making", he wrote.

Included in this report, the New York Times obtained video from the us government from a 2004 event in which a "whitish oval object" was chased by two F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of San Diego. "Got it!" when he locks on. An alleged military video of an unidentified aircraft was released Friday.

However, he wrote that sightings of odd and mysterious objects are not new to officials in the defense department and intelligence agencies but "nobody wants to be 'the alien guy in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue". "This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress".

In October 2017, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon intelligence program investigating UFOs resigned to protest what he described excessive secrecy surrounding the program, and internal opposition to it, the New York Times reported.

"Unfortunately, we have no idea, because we aren't even seeking answers".