Bound flight makes emergency landing in Albuquerque


A Dallas-bound plane has made an emergency landing in Albuquerque after smoke filled up the cabin.

Southwest flight 3562 left Phoenix but made the unscheduled landing late on Sunday night due to what may have been an electrical fire on board, KRQE reports.

Upon landing, slides were deployed from the Boeing 737, which contained 140 passengers, five of whom were transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries possibly including smoke inhalation.

"Our People in Albuquerque are working to get Customers onboard another aircraft tonight to continue their journey to Dallas".

Firefighters rushed to the tarmac immediately after the plane landed.

Two people from flight 3562 were taken to a local hospital, but their condition is still unknown, a tweet from the Albuquerque Fire Department said. Also audible is someone ordering passengers away from the plane saying, "Put your phones down".

Southwest Airlines said the diverted aircraft remains in Albuquerque while mechanics inspect the plane.

A Dallas police officer who was on the flight praised Southwest attendants following the incident on Twitter. In this photo, a Southwest Airlines jet passes two ATA Airlines jets sitting on the tarmac at Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois, April 3, 2008.