Season 2 American Idol Finalist Kimberley Locke Recaps American Idol Premiere


AMERICAL Idol returned to US TV screens last night and one lucky contestant kissed a girl. and liked it! Is less than a two-year absence from the airwaves worthy of a comeback?

It won't make anyone forget the early incarnation of "American Idol" that struck so much fear in the heats of rival programmers that they would refer to it in hushed tones as "the Death Star", but ABC's revival of the once-colossal musical competition series delivered strong numbers for a Sunday night in 2018. Rather, they tell them that they should try again next time.

This is a common term on social media, particularly by fans talking about idols. The premiere for the reboot also saw the return of some "American Idol" alums like Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood and Ruben Studdard. None of the judges know what to say, and after a few painful moments, Sardor is thankfully shown the door. But while Katy respected his story, she couldn't get a grasp on who he is as an artist.

When he entered the room, Luke Bryan instantly said that Trevor was a "dreamboat" and Katy added that her eyes lit up. The young immigrant from the Congo described his father's brutal form of discipline, and how it drove a wedge in their relationship.

"The life of a musician has its ups and downs, it's adventurous". Ron is a father now, striving to raise his child with hope and nurturing. After a commercial break, however, Lionel offers Ron a stay of execution and changes his vote to a yes. Katy felt that this was not quite Ron's time, encouraging him to wait and work on his own identity.

Ron, a 21-year-old entrepreneur originally from Congo who now resides in Plano, TX, sang "Let It Go" by James Bay.

"I should've fought for him", Bryan declared to Richie. "I wanted her to see the good in it and hopefully she can pick up some of that too, along the way".

The worst contestant of the episode, 26-year-old Moscow-native Sardor Milano, claims he was the 2015 victor of X Factor: Russia. I can see her belting it out on the Idol stage, but her audition proved that she can showcase her big voice without letting it get out of control; that's key.

Layla, a 16-year-old high school student from Marion County, KY, performed "Who's Lovin' You" by the Jackson Five. Naturally, this gets "I Kissed A Girl" singer Katy to sneakily plant one on the flabbergasted singer. The talent tide surged in with Noah Davis, an Arkansas nursing student who dreamed of buying an alpaca once he became the "American Idol". The moment was simply handsome. In the words of Katy Perry: "Wig: snatched!" Before performing his piece for the panel, the 19-year-old admitted he has never had a girlfriend and has also never had a kiss on the lips. It was impossible not to be impressed. They were extremely appreciative, and Katy Perry even put her cat motif socks on her hands before Zach launched into Sinatra. The judges are blown away and he gets his golden ticket.

The show saves the best for last: 26-year-old Philly native Dennis Lorenzo.