South Jersey teen moves on to next round on ABC's 'American Idol'


That's where our next contestant, Rissa Watson, is from. Without question, it was a unanimous yes.

"I remember wigging out in my family room". "It's not your language, it's just for us", Perry told her fellow judges, making Davis blush.

Monday night's broadcast marked the second night of auditions for Idol's premiere, and the fifth night (third week) of blind auditions of The Voice's 14th season.

"You're in", Katy said without any further thought. You've got none. And you're not annoying.

He wanted to get an Alpaca if he could win American Idol. Thaddeus performed Sweedish House Mafia's 'Don't You Worry Child.' Check it out above.

Both Lionel and Luke rushed to Katy's aid as she struggled to get up off the floor. It was an easy three yeses for Thaddeus.

The pair both started dancing with her, but Katy stole the show when she took a tumble.

Katy gushed about how Rissa gave her "full body chills for the first time" that day. And Lionel hugged her. He had the judges singing along with him, but there was no ticket for him.

A snap of the singer in the sweater, which she previously debuted at his 40th birthday party in 2017, was shared on Instagram. "You're everything I wanted and more".

Michelle Sussett was the first contestant to try out in Los Angeles, she succeeds in drawing judges attention by her performance in which she sang a Spanish language song and danced as well.

"I'm the best dancer ever", Perry quipped. And Katy also immediately attracted to the artist, too. Although Trevor broke Katy's heart by being in a relationship with someone else, the three judges determined he must go to Hollywood.

Lionel said it was really good but there were things she needed to tone down.

But on Monday the Katy Perry-powered reboot faced its real rival - NBC's ratings juggernaut The Voice, with their secret weapon - lovable Idol alum Kelly Clarkson.

Due to the "unique dimension" in Gabbii's voice, the judges sent her to Hollywood. But that didn't stop 7-year-old Dyxie Spring. Just look at him! However, Garrett received a golden ticket.

David Francisco, 25, Nashville, Tennessee: He moved to Music City to pursue his dreams, but was hit by a vehicle and paralyzed from the waist down.

They were Misha Gontar, a 26-year-old MRI technologist from Marengo, IL; Autumn Woods, a 27-year-old library clerk from Katy, TX; "Hank the Businessman", a 22-year-old delivery driver from Pittsburgh, PA; Neshia Ruffins, a 25-year-old singer from New Orleans; and Jonathan Herman, a 23-year-old content analyst from Austin, TX.