Spotify will now let users edit song information


As of December 2017, Spotify had 159 million users, 71 million of whom were paying subscribers, according to company data, making it the world's most popular music streaming service, followed by Apple Music with 36 million subscribers.

By experimenting with the tool, Line-In, it hopes to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so that it can improve experiences for both listeners and artists. The company has announced a new feature, Line-In, where customers can add to the streaming service's metadata, correcting or adding to songs' current genres. The new feature allows fans to suggest different information pertaining to the song including an artists alias, explicitness and more.

Apple's Apple Music streaming service, which has been No. 2 in US subscribers behind Spotify AB, is quickly gaining ground against its rival and may overtake it this summer. Through submissions, Spotify will review the suggested edits and make sure it matches up to what other users also suggest.

There's no word when Spotify will be using the user generated corrections. but did offer: "Line-In is a work-in-progress, and we'll be adding features over time". They also check to see on how accurate your past suggestions have been.

The company said this is its first venture in Africa.

And this month, it revealed in its F-1 filing with the SEC that it had amassed a total of 200 petabytes (about 200,000 terabytes) of data about music and the way its users access it.