Twitter kills a slew of popular accounts in 'tweetdecking' purge


It's hardly a secret Twitter has struggled in the past to ensure only verified users post original content on its platform. You will have seen such accounts if you have ever used Twitter, they're the ones that normally tweet plagiarized quotes or truisms and try to get them to go viral by mass-retweeting each other's posts.

Friday went poorly for a select group of Twitter users that have earned a reputation for their expertise at gaming the system.

These accounts, and others like them, are known as "tweetdeckers" due to their practice of getting together in exclusive groups and mass-retweeting each other's tweets.

Twitter users hated accounts like Common White Girl, which were popular with the "locals", and now people are celebrating.

At the moment, it is still unclear if Twitter intends to make these suspensions permanent. However, the accounts have reportedly been suspended for violating spam policies that forbid mass duplication and impersonation. If the social media platform decides to reactivate the suspended accounts, it is likely that repeating their offense will result in more stringent punishments in the future.

This is seemingly no longer appropriate, account to Twitter's terms of service. Earlier this year, the company released the shocking statistics on its investigations over Russian propaganda campaign via the platform.

According to BuzzFeed, that Twitter has just banned a number of popular accounts with millions of followers.

The company had also made changes to Tweetdeck and its API last month in a bid to " limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts".