YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS


YouTube is finally giving its mobile app a dark theme, almost a year after the Google subsidiary introduced the night-friendly mode on desktop.

The new Dark Theme for YouTube on iOS is rolling out today and we can confirm it's live in Canada.

After introducing a dark theme for YouTube on the web, Google is bringing a dark theme for YouTube to mobile devices.

It looks like Google is in the process of rolling out a new update for the YouTube app, which will add a new dark mode, similar to the one that's been released on desktop previous year. So far, only iOS users will be able to turn on dark mode (though it's reportedly headed to Android "soon"), which they can do using a toggle in the app's Settings.

According to Google, a dark mode was one of the most requested features for its mobile apps.

Google also teased the feature as recently as January, when the dark mode was found within the app's code.

So when will those last details be ironed out and YouTube dark mode for Android ready for all to enjoy?

Having a dark theme has its advantages.

YouTube looks much better with the dark theme, and the viewing experience is definitely superior.