Google Assistant shortcut app now installs on Lollipop, tablets


Google Assistant has been out for some time now on Android and was welcomed to the iPhone a year ago.

Google's iOS app Google Assistant officially added native iPad support today, bringing the tablet's number of major Siri competitors up to three.

At the time, however, it had only been available in English.

Google Assistant is now rolling out to iPads starting today and is now available in these languages, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

As of today's update, Assistant for iOS has removed the latter tab, while the list of Reminders and Orders have been moved into Settings as their own dedicated pages.

What do you guys think about Google Assistant coming to the iPad?

We've seen the iPad, in particular, receiving attention on this front in recent days.

As with all other non-Siri AI, Apple limits Google Assistant's functionality to its app, but that may not be as big of a problem with multitasking.

That said, for those who prefer Google's services on Apple hardware, the launch on iPad will be welcomed. It also can help you compose emails, set reminders and calendar events, play music, help you navigation, answer questions, cast to your TV and control connected smart home devices, among other things.

Google Assistant supports multitasking on the iPad. The app works in either portrait or landscape mode, too.

When the app is open, it can listen for "Hey, Google" commands, respond to natural language inquiries, and offer personalized information based on your Google account.